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is the chief foreign correspondent for nbc news until jimmy fallon takes over in 2014. please welcome richard engel! ( cheers and applause ) a it's good to see you again. all right, all right. you are the peabody and emmy award-winning chief foreign correspondent for nbc news. also of author of two books and a recent article called "the hostage" in "vanity fair" magazine, talking about when you were taken hospital in syria. where have you just come back from? >> south korea. i just got off the plane today. >> stephen: really? how do they see the tension in the korean peninsula? over here we're looking at that kim-- kim jungun as like the crazy cousin who talks, you know, when he comes to thanksgiving dinner and says, i've got nuclear weapons." >> i hate when that happens. >> stephen: are they scared over there? >> on a day-to-day basis, not at all. you see people who are very casual. they are going about their business. nothing was closed. children were going to school. over the long term, they're very worried. over the long term this is the biggest strategic threat south korea faces. >> st
thought, was very good. robin williams, will i am, everyone in the entire nbc williams' family. of course, there were the occasional news slip-ups. your new york post. might have misidentified two high school students at terrorists and put them on the cover of their newspaper. but, you know, obviously a paper run by accuracy aficionado rupert murdoch would obviously be quick to correct such an egregious mistake. >> rupert murdoch the owner of the new york post has not apologized. in fact he said on twitter and i'll read it. only new york post pictures were those distributed by f.b.i. and instantly drawn when f.b.i. changed direction. >> jon: why wouldn't rupert murdoch apologize for endangering two totally innocent young men? is it perhaps that years ago he purchased and had installed all of hitler's internal organs? of course everyone had a little fun at cnn's expense for their monster gaffe when they claimed an arrest had been made in the case and there was none. they took extra care not to misreport again. >> of course we have no idea on the motivation. we have to emphasize that again
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)